Choir singing in coventry
Katherine currently conducts St. Barbara’s Church Choir.

She took this on in May 2007 and the choir has grown is numbers and skill ever since. All choristers under 18 work through the RSCM (Royal Schools of Church Music) scheme Voice for Life and the adults have the option to do so as well. Each level is represented by a coloured ribbon which the singers wear with their robes. For more information visit -

The choir sings in the regular Sunday services but also puts on concerts and visits old people’s homes. We have recently sung at the Coventry University Hospital and in the Coventy Precint.
In February 2014 the choir celebrated its 100th Birthday. They celebrated with a concert and then they recorded a CD.

Recording Artists   Recording Artists

Recording Engineer   St Barbaras Choir CD   Mixing Desk

The children in the choir are given the opportunity to do the Arts Award and several have used the choir for their leadership part of the award.

Choir practice is 7pm on Friday evening at St. Barbara’s Church in Earlsdon – all ages welcome.

Each level of the RSCM Voice for Life scheme is represented here.(Right)
In order of level (Front left – back right): Probationer (in blue), white (surplice) then ribbon colour Light blue, dark blue, bronze (green), red, silver (purple), yellow and gold (Deep Red)

Concert   Rehearsal

When asked by a visiting preacher when we had choir practice
one of the choristers replied
“We don’t have practice we have fun”.

Being admitted into the Choir   Katherine receiving her gold ribbon

makingchoristers   makingchoristers

treeatthefestival.jpg - 200795 Bytes choristerspracticing.jpg - 139455 Bytes

Being a member of St. Barbara’s choir isn’t all hard work we have socials and various other activities.
Here are the choir making choristers for the
2014 Earlsdon
Christmas Tree Festival.

choristerssinging.jpg - 158807 Bytes

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