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Gold: Drive your personal development in the arts.

Like the Silver the Gold has two units. It Develops young peopleís creativity, communication, planning, teamwork and leadership skills.

Unit 1: Arts Development.

Students have created short dramas for the church carol services.

Nativity  Drama

Students are encouraged to develop their own art form but also to learn another and to create combining these art forms. This student is studying the cello but also learnt about the use of lighting as an art form.

Playing the Cello  Wire Bugs

Experimenting with lights.

rachelisthebluelight.jpg - 295093 Bytes

celloready  Cello Performance

Unit 2: Arts Leadership.

Leadership skills - this student gathered a team, of people to design and create this banner to celebrate their choirís 100th Birthday.

banner in place Making the banner

The finished banner

A Gold Student:

ďThe arts award has been absolutely fantastic. Itís really helped me develop my skills and Iíve been able to bring people together to create some amazing things. Itís been really awesome!Ē

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