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Explore: Be inspired by the arts.

Be inspired by taking part in arts activities, explore artists and arts organisations, create art work and share your explorations with others.

Explore the arts and take part in arts activities.

Animation Student Dominoes

Scrapbooking Dominoes

Explore Artists and arts organisations.

Arts Organisations.

The Herbert The Pool at Warwick Arts Centre


artinthewoods Artists and their work


This picture was painted by a group of children using different painting techniques.

different painting techniques

Two students worked together to produce a children’s book,
one wrote the words and the other drew the pictures.

A - Z of Birds Collage Of London

Share your work with others.

There are many ways to share your work. These students decided to talk to their Guide group about what they had done.

A - Z of Birds Feedback

What they say

An Explore student: “This was so much fun! We researched and experienced all sorts of weird and wonderful art forms, and I even got to write my own children’s book. 11/10 would definitely recommend!”

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