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Bronze: Get involved in the arts and share your skills.

Taking part in an arts Activity.

Making Music

Attending an arts event and reviewing.

Mad Museum  Visiting the Quentin Blake exhibition.  Engaging with the art work

Reviewing an arts event.

Discussing the arts exploring arts chart

Researching Heroes/Arts Inspiration.

Researching Heroes

Sharing Skills.

Bronze Photograhy  This student gave a group a drum lesson.  A sewing workshop led by an arts award student

This student took a choir rehearsal.

What they say

A Bronze student: "I must admit that I thought this would be a tiny bit boring but I have really enjoyed it. It has been a really good learning experience, conducting, theatre trips, reviews, INTERESTING research, and all things I donít do normally. I would do it again without any doubt whatsoever! So thank you".

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